Friday, 2 May 2014

My dog eared notebook

This blog reminds me of a tattered dog eared notebook lying somewhere in the dusty corners of my mind . I had started it with an excitement of a child who has finally got the new toy after much hankering and a long wait. However as the viridity of it wears off and is lost somewhere amidst the dissonance of an exacting city life I let the simple pleasures of writing a journal slip by until I tripped on it again and felt the guilt of a neglecting pet lover who suddenly finds it sick. So here I am again picking up the lost threads and trying to weave stories, art and experiences. Would love to see you all here,conversing, chatting, appreciating, criticizing, arguing, agreeing, disagreeing and sharing.


  1. At last! I find the tapestry of your thoughts as picturesque as your sketches, and so am all ready to pop the kettle on and sit back with a cup of 'cha'....

    1. Yes finally! I know I have at least one reader. Thank you.