Monday, 19 May 2014

Ramblings of a fence sitter

Having the willies at the remotest fringes of my mind I vacillate like a pendulum somewhere between sixes and sevens. Just as I sense I am developing cold feet there is a tingling sensation on my neck. I don't know what those thousands needles are but they heedlessly turn my backbone into a jelly. Alright now. Hush! There is a voice echoing in my head. But last I knew my larynx was in my throat. Well this a nightmare after all. What do you expect? The voice is getting louder. "G, here take this red lifeline and just turn around the corner and you are in paradise. You see this is the most cushy no sweat ride" There is another dizzy voice getting vociferous. "Hey G don't listen to her. Take this yellow one. One blooper and red one will explode. Didn't she give you the disclaimer? That's what happens when you don't read the fine print. Red is highly precarious. Stay away from that but grab the yellow one. I 'll be honest with you. It wont take you to paradise. Not even near it. Might give you a cramp or a little discomfort. But rest assured that it wont cause an explosion." "No don't listen to them. Take the blue one. This is the only option you have. The others might personate as an option but blue is the only tangible one. It is harrowing, vexatious and abhorrent but you don't really have a concedable option." That's the blue one for you.

There I am straddling the fence all yellow bellied and pigeonhearted. But hey I am beginning to enjoy the view from here while I let my frayed nerves untangle themselves from the mangled mass of red, yellow, blue. The view might not be clear but it is amusing when I wear my observer glasses and get rid of my judgmental hat. Maybe I do not need the perceived cushioning of red, yellow and blue because maybe I'll not jump from the fence after all...maybe I'll fly. I believe I will.

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