Friday, 11 May 2012

My visual diary

 A rainy day stimulating memories of paper boats, a recipe gone horrible wrong, an uncanny dream, a joint conspiracy by my pillow and uncompliant hair to stir a bad hair day. These are some of the things that manage to slip into that little corner in my head space. A gentle push by the rabid mind with a little help from the hand and....there they perch themselves on my sketchbook. Here is a peek into my visual diary. These were done in 2011 when I use to live in Bangalore. Going through my visual diary is a trip down the memory lane....

And this is where it starts
A trip to Mangalore with Renu and Neetha. Stayed at Neetha's and her parents were adorable hosts. Every element in this sketch has some memory associated to it which we all three shared

after a nap on a saturday afternoon

On a rainy day in Bangalore when I had pizza and thought about paper boats made of newspaper which me and my cousin use to float

the terrace ...few months back when I use to live in Bangalore

my balcony

I had a shopaholic phase too

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  1. fantastic re-collection of memories...plzz let me be privileged of knowing some more...